The OpenInfra Summit includes keynotes, presentations, panels, hands-on workshops, and collaborative working sessions covering over 30 open source projects. Expect to hear about the intersection of many open source infrastructure projects, including Linux, Ceph, Kubernetes, Magma, ONAP, Anuket and the projects hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation: Airship, Kata Containers, OpenInfra Labs, OpenStack, StarlingX, and Zuul.

5G, NFV & Edge

Topics include: 5G, cloudlet, distributed computing, economics, Mesh, security, networking, architecture, ease of deployment, edge ecosystem, hardware performance accelerators (e.g. GPUs, ASICs, etc.), hardware profile, IoT, low end-to-end latency, management tools, scaling, edge-enabled applications, physical hardening, QoS, remote/extreme environments, remote troubleshooting, standalone cloudlets, tamper evidence, tamper resistance, VM and container handoff across WAN connections, zero-touch provisioning, QoS, SDN, SLAs, standardization e.g. ETSI NFV.

AI, Machine Learning, HPC

Topics include: AI, computation, cluster, economics, exascale, government, GPUs, grid, HPC, HTC, machine learning, New applications for AI running on OpenStack clouds, Novel/Emerging architectures for GPUs/AI, operations at scale, performance, scientific research


Topics include: Software development pipeline, automated testing, QA, culture & process, policies & compliance, CI/CD ecosystem, repository architecture, unit vs integration testing, deployment maturity model, gitops

Container Infrastructure

Topics include: Running containers at scale, container ecosystem, container networking, container storage, container security, hybrid VM & container architectures, containers & bare metal

Getting Started

Beginner-level track to learn the basics about all open infrastructure-related topics.

Hands-on Workshops

Hands-on Workshops offer a window into training for operators and application developers across different projects. Sessions are typically 90 minutes and require an RSVP and some prep work. Bring your laptop and walk away with the skills you need to become an open source contributor.

Hardware Enablement

Topics include: Software components needed to enable hardware in cloud or edge environments, GPUS, DPUs, FPGAs, sustainability, data center operations, hardware standards (Open19, OCP), data center efficiency, server design, SmartNICs, testing and certification

Open Development

Topics include: the 4 opens, the future of free and open source software, challenges of open collaboration, open development best practices and tools, open source governance models, diversity and inclusion, mentoring and outreach, community management.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Topics include: architecture, bare metal, economics, hardware, operations, orchestration & hybrid cloud tools, networking, organizational culture & processes, security & compliance, SLAs, storage, upgrades, user experience, vendor selection

Public Cloud

Topics include: architecture / hardware, economics, cloud portability, features & needs, federation, hardware, operations / upgrades, multi-tenants, networking, performance, scale, security & compliance, SLAs, storage, open source platforms, tools & SDKs, UI / UX, upgrades, user experience


Topics include: Attestation, authenticity, authorization, data protection, encryption, identification, policy enforcement, privacy, regulatory compliance, risk management, trusted computing, vulnerability tracking/mitigation

The Forum

OpenInfra operators and developers gather at the Forum to brainstorm the requirements for the next release, gather feedback on the past version and have strategic discussions that go beyond just one release cycle. Sessions are more collaborative and discussion-oriented. Learn more about the Forum here.

We are a diverse community of professionals, and the OpenInfra Foundation is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe Summit experience for everyone. View the OpenInfra Code of Conduct for more information.