We believe that communities thrive by focusing on relationships. OpenInfra Foundation staff are active members of each community that we support with a hands-on approach. We not only devote resources, energy and attention to helping each project succeed, but also take the success and health of each community personally. We value the importance of each community’s unique culture and celebrate it. We’re also experts and here to provide guidance in the important and necessary areas like open source governance. Whatever is needed, we’re here to help.


Starting from scratch is challenging, but we’re here to help! We believe that the most successful projects start with code first. From there, our team has expertise in organizing all of the details that go into establishing an open source project from the very beginning, and when the time is right, launching it more broadly with broad awareness and maximum impact. From open source licensing to marketing and everything in between, we cover all the bases.


The love is in the details. Our expert marketing and communications team is passionate about open source and works closely within each community to promote and support the project milestones and the contributors behind the code. From social media, blogs, press releases, analyst briefings, media interviews to CFP submissions at global events and more, the marketing team is ready to collaborate and help amplify the impactful work done by each community.


It’s way more than just copy and paste! Our fantastic design and development teams collaborate directly with each community to develop their project’s own identity and web presence that’s unique and represents them well. From stickers and swag to websites dedicated to each community, each project team is proud to display their personal identity welcoming contributors from around the world. The project designs creates a common, shared identity that ties the community together around the world.


All projects hosted at OpenInfra Foundation are featured at global events, including community-lead events, local open infrastructure meetups, industry events, and the global Open Infrastructure SummitsOur events provide the opportunity to collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure across problem domains including edge computing, 5G, container infrastructure, hybrid cloud, CI/CD, machine learning, AI and more.


We believe that free software should be built using free tools. OpenDev is an openly-operated set of free software tools to sustain collaborative open source development. All projects hosted at OpenInfra Foundation are invited to use and contribute to the OpenDev project which includes tooling such as mailing lists, etherpads, wikis and a full software development workflow powered by git, gerrit, and Zuul that’s been proven at massive scale for distributed teams.


Always read the fine print. Our expert legal team is here to handle the paperwork, secure global trademarks and make sure all of the details are buttoned up.


Each project has specific needs and goals that the OpenInfra Foundation team is here to support. Depending on community needs, there are many other services that our team can offer, and we are ready to customize the deliverables based on the community’s needs. In addition to the above listed services, examples include contributor on-boarding, product or professional certification, and a dedicated marketplace.

Interested in hosting your project with OpenInfra Foundation?

There are a few ways to start open source projects with OpenInfra Foundation. Every project’s needs and goals are unique so the first step is to setup an exploratory review between the project leaders and OpenInfra Foundation staff to discuss the project’s scope, use cases and vision for the future.
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