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OpenInfra Universe

Open infrastructure goes beyond the projects that are directly hosted at the OpenInfra Foundation. The OpenInfra Universe provides a look at the open source solutions available for infrastructure projects: open source projects that help provide infrastructure resources for others to build on, in use cases such as edge computing, container infrastructure, public/private hybrid cloud, AI & machine learning, CI/CD, and more. Most of these projects power or rely on LOKI (Linux OpenStack Kubernetes Infrastructure), an end-to-end open source solution for providing infrastructure. Projects in the OpenInfra Universe are discussed at OpenInfra events around the world.

See the Projects

OpenInfra Foundation Project
A collection of loosely coupled but interoperable tools that declaratively automate cloud provisioning.
cloud provisioning
Azimuth provides a self-service portal for managing HPC and AI workloads based on a simplified version of the OpenStack Horizon.
front-end client
A software-defined storage platform, often used in open infrastructure deployments to provide scalable block storage for OpenStack and others.
A set of user-space libraries and drivers that accelerate packet-processing workloads.
packet processing
Provides a user-friendly interface for non-proprietary cloud infrastructure.
front-end client
OpenInfra Foundation Project
Kata Containers
A container runtime with lightweight virtual machines that feel and perform like containers, but provide stronger workload isolation.
container runtime
An orchestration platform for containerized applications that runs on top of programmable infrastructure and key component of the LOKI stack.
container orchestration
An operating system compatible with multiple computing architectures with a very active OpenStack SIG.
OS distribution
OpenInfra Foundation Project
The combination of compute, network and storage resources providing the cloud infrastructure for public, private and hybrid clouds, and a key component of the LOKI stack.
Sovereign Cloud Stack
A network of standardized sovereign cloud and container infrastructure providers defining, implementing and operating a fully open, federated, compatible platform.
OpenInfra Foundation Project
A complete cloud infrastructure software stack for distributed systems created for ultra-low latency use cases.
Edge Computing
Yaook is a lifecycle management tool for OpenStack hosted by ALASCA, using Kubernetes to automate provisioning, monitoring, and updating. Yaook manages bare metal, Kubernetes, and OpenStack.
lifecycle management
OpenInfra Foundation Project
A program that drives continuous integration, delivery, and deployment systems with a focus on project gating.
continuous integration

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