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Projects & Communities at OpenInfra Foundation

Projects that call OpenInfra Foundation their home each value open collaboration and exemplify the Four Opens (source, design, development, community). All of our projects have a strategic focus, vision & scope that furthers the OpenInfra Foundation mission of supporting the development and adoption of production infrastructure with open source components.



Making lifecycle management for open infrastructure simple, repeatable & resilient.

Airship is a collection of interoperable and loosely coupled open source tools that Provide for automated cloud provisioning and life cycle management in a completely Declarative and predictable way. The focus of this project is the implementation of a declarative platform to introduce OpenStack on Kubernetes, and the lifecycle Management of the resulting cloud.


Secure, lightweight CRI compatible virtualized containers.

Kata Containers is an open source project delivering increased container security and workload isolation through an implementation of lightweight virtual machines.


Programmable infrastructure for VMs, containers and bare metal.

OpenStack is an open source software project for creating private and public clouds, powering 75 public cloud data centers and thousands of private clouds at a scale of more than 15 million physical cores worldwide. Since launching in 2012, OpenStack has become one of the top 3 most active open source projects in addition to Linux and Chromium.


Edge cloud computing infrastructure for high performance, ultra-low latency applications.

StarlingX is a complete cloud infrastructure software stack for the edge used by the most demanding applications in industrial IoT, telecom, and other use cases. Based on mature production software deployed in mission critical applications, newly open sourced StarlingX code is the base for edge implementations in scalable solutions that can be productized now.


CI/CD platform for gating changes across multiple systems/repos.

Zuul is an open source CI/CD platform specializing in gating changes across multiple systems and applications before landing on a single patch


Edge Computing Group

The Edge Computing Group is a working group comprised of architects and engineers across large enterprises, telecoms and technology vendors working to define and advance edge cloud computing. The focus is open infrastructure technologies, not exclusive to OpenStack.

Computing Force Network (CFN) Working Group

The Computing Force Network working group is aiming to formulate solutions for common challenges with using related technologies, promoting technical implementations, and gradually building the next generation of open infrastructure.

Interested in hosting your project with OpenInfra Foundation?

There are a few ways to start open source projects with OpenInfra Foundation. Every project's needs and goals are unique so the first step is to setup an exploratory review between the project leaders and OpenInfra Foundation staff to discuss the project's scope, use cases and vision for the future.
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