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OpenInfra Foundation Partnerships

The OpenInfra Foundation partners with global standardization bodies and open source organizations to further their mission of helping people build and operate open infrastructure.

The OpenInfra Foundation and China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) announced a strategic partnership to implement new technology, assessment and certification for OpenStack software in China. The collaboration highlights the validation of OpenStack as the open source infrastructure cloud standard in China partnered with the OpenInfra Foundation’s commitment to the growing OpenStack community in China, a region expecting significant growth in a global market valued at 53.9 billion yuan ($7.7 billion USD) in 2023. (source: 451 Research).

Under the collaboration, the OpenInfra Foundation and CESI will define the standards for OpenStack production cases, develop test plans and cases based on relevant standards, conduct interoperability evaluation and certification, and promote the open source ecosystem. CESI will develop and maintain interoperability evaluation tools and contribute to the OpenInfra Foundation community by focusing on common research results, such as standardization, combining interoperability tools from community and OpenStack production environments in China.

ETSI and the OpenInfra Foundation are collaborating in technical areas which are subject of ETSI standardization work and which are in scope of OpenInfra Foundation Open Infrastructure projects. OpenInfra Foundation projects may consider implementation of the relevant ETSI specifications as part of their work and establishing a formal link between the communities of experts on both sides will facilitate the exchange of information in accordance with the policies and practices of both organizations.

They also encouraging and developing other collaborative activities, including the exchange of ideas and expertise in relation to technical areas of common interest, potential joint communication, promotion and events, as well as potential common initiatives relating to interoperability and conformance testing.

The Open Source Initiative is a non-profit organization stewarding the open source definition, educating individuals and organizations on the economic and strategic advantages of adopting open source software. The OpenInfra Foundation is an affiliate organization of OSI, fully supporting their mission of defending the meaning of open source and maintaining clarity on open source licensing.

OW2 is a non-profit consortium promoting the development of industry-grade open source middleware. The OpenInfra Foundation is an associate organization of OW2, supporting their mission of creating a vibrant and innovative open source ecosystem.

The Open Container Initiative maintains vendor-neutral, portable and open specifications, reference implementations, and tools that deliver on the promise of containers as a source of application portability. The OpenInfra Foundation is an OCI Member, and as such participates in the OCI Trademark Board activities.