The Forum is a part of the OpenInfra Summit. It is not a classic conference track with speakers and presentations. In Forum discussions, OpenInfra Foundation community members (active participants in projects, working groups, special interest groups, or other interested parties) discuss the topics they want to cover and get alignment on. At the Forum, the entire OpenInfra community (users and contributors) gather to brainstorm the requirements for the next release, gather feedback on the past version and have strategic discussions that go beyond just one release cycle. Forum sessions can include the presentation of a few slides but the primary goal is to provide a place for open brainstorming discussion and feedback on a given subject or feature. It is NOT a presentation lasting the entire session duration. If you care about a particular subject- for example RBAC or Environmental Sustainability- these are topics that can be the starting point of your brainstorm.

The Forum is not the right place to get started or learn the basics of OpenInfra projects. For that it's better to attend talks in the 'Conference' part of the Open Infrastructure Summit, or participate in classes in the 'Academy' part of the Open Infrastructure Summit.

Session topics

Sessions happen in rooms organized in fishbowl style (concentric rings of chairs) or Parliament style (rows facing each other). People wanting to participate in the discussion should move to the inner rings/rows. There are three main types of topics at the Forum:

Project-specific sessions

Where contributors can ask operators specific questions about their experience, operators can provide feedback from the last release and cross-community collaboration on the priorities and 'blue sky' ideas for the next release can occur.

Strategic, whole-of-community discussions

To think about the big picture, beyond a single release cycle or involve interaction with new technologies or integration with other communities.

Cross-project sessions

A proposed function or new feature might require coordination from multiple teams to implement it and requires input from more than one group.

We are a diverse community of professionals, and the OpenInfra Foundation is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe Summit experience for everyone. View the OpenInfra Code of Conduct for more information.