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Clouds Have Evolved. So Have We.

Infrastructure has grown from being strictly in datacenters, to being composed of an evolving mix of bare metal, VMs, and containers, and now the edge. More technology is needed to meet all of thees new and diverse use cases. This is why we exist.

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We Build Communities Who Write Software That Runs In Production

We do this by bringing together developers, operators, and organizations in an open way, guided by a set of principles we call the Four Opens (open source, design, development, community). All of our projects have a strategic focus, vision & scope that supports the development and adoption of production infrastructure with open source components.

We can help with your open source project. Our model and project services provides the tooling, guidance, and collaborative environment that allows communities to focus their attention on the important work of building and operating software that solves real problems around the globe.

We're really excited being an active member in the open infrastructure foundation with what we really view as a place for crowdsourced innovation. The ability for multiple companies and individual developers to come together and contribute in a way that can solve these problems at scale.

— Paul Miller

CTO, Wind River

As the only OpenInfra Gold Member in Thailand, it’s exciting to see more organizations in southeast Asia join us in leveraging the flexibility and cost efficiency of OpenStack. We are honored to be a part of the rapidly growing, global footprint of OpenStack powered public clouds.

- Abhisak Chulya


Red Hat’s Platinum membership allows us to invest directly in the Foundation and influence its strategic direction at the highest level. It’s the icing on the cake, as Red Hatters are expected to be leaders at all levels, ensuring sustainability of the community and the long-term health of the code.

— Eoghan Glynn

Director of Engineering, Red Hat

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The OpenInfra Foundation is supported by a strong network of some of the largest organizations in the world. These open source leaders champion open infrastructure and understand the vital importance it plays in their business.

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Ant Group
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Latest OpenInfra News

The latest news, technologies, and resources from the OpenInfra Community

Dan Meyer • June 12, 2024

Is OpenStack a viable VMware alternative?

Broadcom’s ongoing changes to VMware’s licensing and distribution channels have created a wave of enterprise concern that is propelling potential alternatives, with OpenStack the most recent to throw its hat into that ring.


Sean Michael Kerner • Apr 12, 2024

StarlingX 9.0 open source cloud platform boosts performance for telco and edge

The open source StarlingX project is out with its 9.0 release, promising improved performance and capabilities for users of the telco and edge-focused cloud computing platform.


Frederic Lardinois • Apr 4, 2024

OpenStack improves support for AI workloads

OpenStack allows enterprises to manage their own AWS-like private clouds on-premises. Even after 29 releases, it’s still among the most active open-source projects in the world and this week, the OpenInfra Foundation that shepherds the project announced the launch of version 29 of OpenStack. Dubbed ‘Caracal,’ this new release emphasizes new features for hosting AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.


Sean Michael Kerner • Apr 3, 2024

OpenStack Caracal Release Focuses on AI, Performance, Security

The open source cloud infrastructure platform continues to evolve to meet the needs of high-performance computing and AI. The open source OpenStack cloud platform received its first major update of 2024 today with the release of OpenStack Caracal.


Adrian Bridgwater • Apr 3, 2024

OpenStack Caracal improves agility & delivers bite as VMware alternative

The OpenStack has released Caracal (pronounced:‘keh·ruh·kal’ and named after the medium-sized wild cat native to Africa, the Middle East and Asia) marking the 29th version of this widely deployed open source cloud infrastructure software. OpenStack is today deployed with more than 45 million cores in production.


Frederic Lardinois • Jun 13, 2023

OpenInfra Foundation opens regional hubs in Europe and Asia

At the OpenInfra Summit, the OpenInfra Foundation announced that it is launching two regional hubs — OpenInfra Asia based in Singapore and OpenInfra Europe based in Belgium — to better promote and protect open source in those regions.


Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols • Mar 22, 2023

A Is for OpenStack Antelope

The latest version of the OpenStack IaaS cloud shifts to a once-a-year release cycle.


Janakiram MSV • Feb 27, 2023

Microsoft Makes Azure Kubernetes Service Secure To Run Multi-Tenant Workloads

Last week Microsoft launched a new feature that lets customers run modern applications on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in an isolated and secure form.


Sean Michael Kerner • Feb 23, 2023

StarlingX 8.0 Targets Telcos, O-RAN With Open Source Cloud and Edge Platform

The Open Infrastructure Foundation today announced the general availability of StarlingX 8.0, which provides telcos with a new open source cloud and edge computing...


Steven Vaughan-Nichols • Oct 11, 2022

Kata Containers 3's marriage of virtual machines and containers continues

Suppose, just suppose, you could combine the speed and flexibility of containers with the security of virtual machines (VM). That's exactly what Kata Containers does.


Allison Price • Jul 6, 2022

‘Open for Business’: OpenInfra Foundation Launches ‘Directed Funding’ for OpenInfra Project Hosting

At the 2022 OpenInfra Summit in Berlin, the Open Infrastructure Foundation (OpenInfra Foundation) announced that it has added the ability to directly fund specific projects...


Steven Vaughan-Nichols • Jun 7, 2022

10 Years of Zuul Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery rises to new successes

The Open Infrastructure Foundation CI/CD program Zuul is essential to BMW, Volvo, and Workday's software development.


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