The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) allows OpenInfra community groups (and adjacent open source community project teams) working on open source projects to meet virtually, exchange ideas and get work done in a productive, low-key setting. Discussions might include items like: priority setting for the upcoming months, assigning work items, iterating quickly on solutions for complex problems, or making fast progress on critical issues. Since teams decide their own schedule and agendas for their meetings, the PTG is able to fit each team’s needs and facilitate cross community and cross team collaboration. The ‘co-location’ of these meetings into a combined event, in conjunction with the dynamic scheduling and transparency of topics being discussed per team, enables open collaboration for our open communities to discuss any specific topic (open design & open development). Examples of teams that have participated in past PTG’s are: the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, Kata Containers, Confidential Containers, OpenDev, the Computing Force Network, OpenStack Operators, Nova, Ironic, Cinder, StarlingX and many others! Whether your team is focused on a general theme in open infrastructure or a particular repo or service, there is space for your open source community.
April 8-12, 2024 Virtual

Who Should Attend


Contributors actively involved in an Open Infrastructure project team that is meeting at the PTG. Attendees should have existing knowledge of the teams whose meetings they are planning to attend. If you are hoping to get started with a particular team, check with them to make sure they are planning to do onboarding before you book travel because many teams will have full agendas.


Operators who deploy the software (and end users who directly interact with those deployments) are encouraged to attend, interact with upstream contributors for the projects you run, plan to run or have feedback for. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow operators to discuss common pain points and best practices.


Leaders from teams, SIGs, working groups that decide not to meet are encouraged to attend the PTG anyway to represent the views of their group at the event.

Who Should Not Attend

The PTG is intended for engaged community members that are involved in open source teams working on one of the projects supported by the OpenInfra Foundation or adjacent project communities. This includes workgroups, development teams, external open source projects (like Ceph or Kubernetes, SIG, etc). If you're brand new to a project, we recommend attending the OpenInfra Summit first, which features presentations, Forum sessions (designed to get wider community feedback) and on-boarding sessions.

Usually this event is not for new contributors; however, we are including the possibility for teams to do project onboarding as a part of the PTG. That being said, not all teams will be participating, only those that want to.

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How can this benefit my organization?

Our community is global. This creates challenges that cannot easily be solved using asynchronous, low-bandwidth communication tools. Getting technical community members to meet regularly is essential to build the amount of shared understandings and trust that is necessary to successfully cooperate. Participants to the event are therefore a lot more productive and efficient the rest of the year.

PTGs are organized in a virtual setting, or in cost-effective transportation hubs in order to minimize travel expense. At the same time, we aim to maximize the ability of contributors to work through their workgroup objectives in an environment that is focused towards work and productivity.

Code of Conduct

All attendees of the Project Teams Gathering must follow the OpenInfra Foundation community Code of Conduct.

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Want to find out more?

Most questions can be answered by reading the PTG FAQs. Still more questions? Email [email protected] or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date with the latest about Project Teams Gathering.