OpenInfra Summit

The OpenInfra Summit gathers operators, developers and the broader open source ecosystem to collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes and 30+ other technologies. Attendees typically represent 60 countries and hundreds of organizations and participate in keynote presentations from industry leaders, breakout presentations, Forum discussions with operators and developers, and a busy hallway track of open source enthusiasts.

OpenInfra Days

OpenInfra Days are organized and hosted annually by local User Groups and companies in the ecosystem and are often one or two-day events with keynotes, breakout sessions and even workshops. It’s a great opportunity to hear directly from prominent open infrastructure leaders, learn from user stories, network, and get plugged into your local community.

OpenInfra Live

OpenInfra Live is an hour-long series sharing production case studies, open source demos, industry conversations, and the latest updates from the global open infrastructure community! Catch every episode on several streaming platforms, airing Thursdays at 14:00 UTC.

OpenInfra User Group Meetups

OpenInfra User Groups are organized and hosted throughout the year by volunteer community organizers. These events will often occur on a weekend or on a weeknight evening. These are casually formatted events that gather local users and developers to share user stories and networks.

Project Teams Gatherings

The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) provides meeting facilities allowing the various technical community groups working on open infrastructure projects to meet virtually, exchange and get work done in a productive, low-key setting. It lets those various groups discuss their priorities for the upcoming months, assign work items, iterate quickly on solutions for complex problems, and make fast progress on critical issues. The co-location of those various meetings, combined with the dynamic scheduling of the event, make it easy to get specific people in the same room to discuss a specific topic, or participate in multiple team meetings.

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