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JOIN AS ANOpenInfra Foundation Individual MemberJoin over 110,000 community members from 187 countries to advance the future of open source. Everyone is welcome—the Open Infrastructure community is inclusive and diverse, and all members agree to the Open Infrastructure Community Code of Conduct. There are two types of accounts: Individual Member accounts, which include certain rights and responsibilities, and Community accounts, which are more limited.
Participate as anIndividual MemberIt’s free to participate
  • Have a Profile on Foundation web properties
  • Vote on Foundation Board Member Elections - Required*
  • Run for office in Technical or Architectural Committees
  • Run for the Open Infrastructure Foundation Board
  • Participate in certain Project-Level Governance Initiatives
  • Submit Proposed Summit Talks
  • Vote on Proposed Summit Talks
  • Participate in Community Events
* Individual Members are required to vote regularly in Board elections, or their membership will be transitioned to a Community account (please see below). Note that new Foundation Members must be members for 180 days before they are eligible to vote in Board Member elections. Inactive Individual Member accounts are transitioned to Community account level automatically after a period of inactivity. You may also log into your profile at any time and adjust your membership level.

Additional Ways to Participate in the CommunityWith a Community account, you still have the opportunity to participate in many of the OpenInfra Foundation's community activities, such as submitting and voting on proposed summit talks. However, to run for leadership positions and vote in elections, you will need to upgrade your account to an Individual Member account (please see above). Get an OpenStackID to participate in Community Events, without a Foundation Membership.