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OpenInfra Live: Keynotes

November 17 and 18 at 9am CT / 1500 UTC

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If you miss the OpenInfra Summit, this two day special edition of OpenInfra Live is your only opportunity to meet the newest players to the OpenInfra space, interact with leaders of open source projects like OpenStack and Kubernetes to hear how the projects are supporting OpenInfra use cases like hybrid cloud, gain insight into public cloud economics and the role open source technologies play, and celebrate as we announce this year’s Superuser Awards winner. This will be the one time everyone will be coming together this year. Come interact with the global OpenInfra community—Live!

What can you expect?

  • Exclusive announcements from the OpenInfra Foundation
  • Users deploying hybrid cloud scenarios in production and how open source projects like OpenStack and Kubernetes make them scale
  • OpenInfra production deployments growing by up to 200%

Virtual OpenInfra Summit 2020 Demographics

  • Over 10k attendees from 125+ countries representing 3,200 companies
  • An additional 10k viewed translated China livestream
  • 65% attending an OpenInfra event for the first time
28%North America
7%Middle East/Africa
6%South/Latin America