The OpenInfra Community is Thriving

By Allison Price on 07/06/2022

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the OpenInfra Foundation (formerly the OpenStack Foundation) builds communities who write open source infrastructure software that runs in production. Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenInfra Foundation, kicked off the OpenInfra Summit Berlin by welcoming Summit participants, both live and virtual, and congratulating the community on the significant progress it has made in the last 2 ½ years despite the COVID-19 pandemic, including: 

  • Expanding its membership of financial supporters by 33%, including new Platinum, Gold and Silver members, since becoming the OpenInfra Foundation; 
  • Celebrating 10 years of OpenStack and surpassing the milestone of more than 25 million cores in production. (Contributors to the latest release included representatives of 160 different companies, and the OpenStack ecosystem includes a robust marketplace of products serving a $7.7 billion market.);
  • Hosting a virtual summit in 2021 and numerous virtual Project Team Gatherings (PTGs). 
  • Launching OpenInfra Live, a weekly live-streamed event that has received more than 85,000 views over the last year; 
  • Releasing Kata Containers 2.0. (The project launched five years ago with the support of over 20 companies and now boasts more than 60 participating organizations.);
  • Releasing Zuul 5.0 (The project gating software celebrates its 10 anniversary this year.); and
  • Releasing StarlingX 6.0. (This project started with contributions from Intel and Wind River and now includes many more contributors, such as Dell, HPE, Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia.)

“With 33% growth in organizations financially supporting the OpenInfra Foundation just since January of last year, our global community is more connected and stronger than ever,” added Mark Collier, OpenInfra Foundation COO. “The Foundation celebrates its 10 anniversary this year, and as we look to our next decade of open infrastructure, we’re building momentum on what makes our model so successful: aligning companies and individuals who wish to work together, providing them with a framework and tools to effectively collaborate, and helping them invest their funds to best help the project they care about.”

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