Introducing the Open Infrastructure Foundation: Building Open Source Communities Who Write Software to Run in Production

By Jonathan Bryce on 19/10/2020

The Open Infrastructure Foundation (OpenInfra Foundation) was just announced as the successor to the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) by Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenInfra Foundation during the Open Infrastructure Summit keynotes. Together with over 60 founding members and more than 100,000 community members, the Foundation will continue to build open source communities that write infrastructure software in production.

The Summit keynotes are still going, so login now to hear who is joining to help build the next decade of open infrastructure! As the requirements for compute, storage and networking have evolved, the role of open source software has expanded. Along the way, the Foundation expanded its mission to establish new open source communities with a focus on building software that runs in production across the world and addressing numerous emerging use cases. This evolution transformed the OSF into OpenInfra Foundation, the home of open infrastructure.

Currently, the OpenInfra Foundation comprises over 100,000 community members in over 187 countries and advances projects such as Airship, Kata Containers, OpenInfra Labs, OpenStack, StarlingX, and Zuul. Today, the OpenInfra Foundation also announces its support for the Magma project.

Hear directly from the global organizations who are joining to establish the Open Infrastructure Foundation to build the next decade of infrastructure for AI, 5G, & Edge. The name change reflects the community's work building open infrastructure with dozens of open source components. We look forward to collaborating over the next decade to build communities that write software for production, serving open infrastructure markets estimated at $20 billion USD annually.