2021 OpenInfra Annual Report: OpenInfra Foundation Membership Growth

By Jimmy McArthur on 31/01/2022

This was the first year that the OpenInfra Foundation began operating under a new name and things have changed dramatically since 2012 when we created the OpenStack Foundation. Our mission is to build communities who write open source software that runs in production. The reason for this evolution was to help expand our scope into the entire realm of open infrastructure to meet the demands and scope that our users and members are seeing in their day-to-day business.

As a result of that expanded scope, 2021 provided an opportunity to increase growth and create new avenues for community activity. Like Thierry mentioned, new data sovereignty rules popping up in Europe, Asia, and South America have led to an explosion of organizations looking for secure data infrastructure for both private and public clouds. This created an environment where organizations from very small to very large turned to OpenStack as the de facto open source cloud solution. At the same time our membership grew around Zuul and use and adoption of our Kata Containers projects continued to increase. Overall, it’s clear that the move to open infrastructure was the right one for our Foundation.

  • 24 new member organizations from 10 separate countries, creating a 25% member growth for the Foundation
  • Microsoft came on as a new Platinum Member
  • Nipa Cloud came on as a new Gold Member
  • 22 new Silver Members
  • 12 Associate Members joined to support the mission of the OpenInfra Foundation
  • Particular growth was seen in Korea, SE Asia, Germany, and the Nordic region
  • Acme Gating, a Zuul consultancy, and Vexxhost, Zuul as a Service, are members supporting the Zuul project at the Foundation Member level
  • Strategic growth areas emerged including public cloud, hybrid cloud, HPC, Kata Containers, as well as adjacent solutions such as storage, metering & monitoring

The number of organizations running our projects is increasing daily and we’re incredibly excited about opportunities to continue to grow Foundation membership into 2022 and beyond. If you would like to build the next decade of open infrastructure with us, let me know!

OpenInfra Members

You can read the full 2021 OpenInfra Annual Report here!