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Open Infrastructure

With over 110,000 members in 187 countries, the OpenInfra Foundation helps open source communities build the tools infrastructure operators need for Data Center Clouds, 5G, Edge, Containers, CI/CD and beyond.

Modern apps rely on automated infrastructure, from massive data center clouds to the smallest edge nodes for IoT and 5G, and none of it is possible without open source software. This is Open Infrastructure: open source technologies enabling everyone to provide infrastructure for others to build solutions on.

OpenInfra Foundation and its 110,000 members from 187 countries exist to ensure each open source component is built and tested together, collaboratively, with a radical approach to openness we call the Four Opens: Open Source, Development, Design and Community.

From Community, where anyone is welcome to contribute; to Design, where diverse ideas are shared before the coding begins; to Development, when every patch is visible and tested before it lands; to the Source code itself, which is shared with the world: each is critical to how we deliver open source.


It works. OpenStack has proven the model, becoming one of the 3 most actively developed open source projects on the planet, with thousands of developers from over 180 countries. And it powers everything from massively popular games like Overwatch™ to the largest power company in the world in China, to Workday, to ATT's 5G networks and beyond.

Now we're ready to share this radically open method for developing open source software with the world beyond OpenStack, helping people build and operate open infrastructure.

Why expand beyond the OpenStack project?
The world has changed. When OpenStack started in 2010, clouds were mainly in virtual machines in a datacenter. Today, clouds have evolved to work seamlessly in and out of datacenters and are composed of an evolving mix of bare metal, VMs, and containers. While OpenStack is seen as the de-facto open source platform for operating cloud infrastructure around the world, more technology is needed to meet all of the diverse use cases, and we want to make sure it’s developed in the open, using the same proven approach to open source.
For this reason, we have expanded our focus as a foundation and are helping to establish new open source communities to advance areas where technology can successfully contribute to the development of open infrastructure: AI/Machine Learning, CI/CD, Container Infrastructure, Edge Computing and of course, Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

Edge computing


Container infrastructure

AI & machine learning

Public/PrIvate Hybrid cloud

Staying true to our mission of helping people build and operate open infrastructure, OpenInfra Foundation hosts open source projects that contribute to the advancement of today’s infrastructure. From cloud hosting to the driving force behind 5G, these projects are code first and operate under the guiding principles we call the “Four Opens”.
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Guillaume Chenuet


Today was a great day for @ZuulCI and @OpenStack at @leboncoinEng! Testing the load capacity of our primary #OpenStack cluster. Excited to add the second one tomorrow and perform more #ZuulCI builds on them!

Mark Collier


THANKS to 1,400+ contributors from 150+ orgs who made OpenStack Stein (#19!) a reality. There are a lot of OSS projects dominated by one company, who are changing models right now to control the benefits($). At OpenInfra Foundation #fouropens mean more opportunity, IMHO.

Tim Bell


Thanks to the #openstack infra team for the help to debug a mailing list issue. It's easy to forget how much effort goes into an open source community above writing the code: ticket handling, user registration, test infrastructure, web outreach and collaboration tools.

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