Organizations Gain Access to the Most Advanced AI Solutions with SambaNova and ORock Technologies Offering Highest Performance Models in a Secure Cloud

By Allison Price on 26/08/2021

SambaNova Systems, the company building the industry’s most advanced software, hardware, and services to run AI applications, today announced a strategic partnership with ORock Technologies, Inc., a high-performance cloud services provider, to deliver the industry’s most powerful and secure cloud-based AI solutions to organizations seeking a competitive advantage in faster time-to- decision and model outcomes.

With today’s announcement, SambaNova’s best-in-class AI solutions are now available in the ORock cloud to commercial and government customers seeking highly secure and compliant cloud-first and hybrid deployments that dramatically reduce time to solution. After an intensive vetting process, ORock chose SambaNova’s world record-setting AI capabilities and unique architecture to satisfy the most stringent customer requirements for performance, security and compliance.

“SambaNova and ORock have partnered to deliver best-in-class AI solutions in the ORock cloud to leading enterprises in the commercial and government sectors demanding data security, compliance, performance and ease of use,” said Gregory Hrncir, CEO, President and co-founder of ORock Technologies. “As AI continues to disrupt and transform global markets, this partnership opens up a new world of AI applications that will drive innovation and accelerate business outcomes that generate new efficiencies, productivity and revenue opportunities for customers.”

SambaNova’s AI offerings now span the entire spectrum from on-premises to ORock’s hybrid and cloud environments — revolutionizing AI accessibility and expanding applications across industries and global markets. Dataflow-as-a-Service, SambaNova’s extensible AI services platform, enables organizations to jump- start AI initiatives overnight with a simple subscription, powered by DataScale®, an integrated software and hardware system delivering unrivaled performance, accuracy, scale, and ease of use built on SambaNova’s Reconfigurable Dataflow ArchitectureTM.

“SambaNova’s partnership with ORock brings advanced AI solutions to the industry’s most secure cloud and carries forward our mission to enable access to the integrated software and hardware solutions organizations need to succeed in this next era of AI computing,” said Rodrigo Liang, CEO and co-founder of SambaNova.

“Our work with ORock empowers an even greater pool of enterprises, including those in highly regulated industries, to unleash AI’s vast potential for their most pressing business needs.”

SambaNova, which is the best-funded AI systems and services platform in the world with over $1 billion in funding, continues to garner accolades throughout the industry, including recognition by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in its “Cool Vendors in AI Semiconductors” report, and industry awards for Best AI Product in Next- Generation Infrastructure by CogX and VentureBeat’s Innovation in Edge Award for 2021. The company was named one of CRN’s 10 Hottest AI Chip Makers in 2021 and one of CRN’s 20 Coolest Tech Startups Of 2020. SambaNova was also Great Place to Work certified in 2021.

Visit the SambaNova and ORock blog sites to learn more about the offering.