Open Infrastructure Foundation Seats A Diverse Board Leadership Group, Appoints GM to Support Next Ten Years of OpenInfra Growth

By Allison Price on 01/02/2022

In its Wednesday meeting, the Board of the Open Infrastructure (OpenInfra) Foundation laid the groundwork for the next ten years of open infrastructure growth by seating its most diverse board leadership panel and appointing Thierry Carrez as the foundation’s first general manager. The board chairs and vice chairs who were also appointed, based in the United States, India and China, join Carrez, based in Europe, in representing the fastest growing markets for open infrastructure. The board also elected Amy Marrich to chair the Compensation Committee and Allison Randal to chair the Finance Committee. Randal previously served as board chair and now serves as vice chair.

Julia Kreger of Red Hat, elected by the board as chair, commented, “The board has made a strong statement about the future of the Open Infrastructure Foundation by creating a general manager position for the foundation and naming Thierry Carrez to that position. His continued leadership and vision will help guide the Foundation, its communities, and its projects for years to come.”

New board members taking their seats for the first time in Wednesday’s meeting include Ghanshyam Mann (NEC), Belmiro Moreira (CERN), Vipin Rath (University of Delhi), Pengju Jiao (China Mobile), Edward Lee (EasyStack), Xin Zhong (China Unicom) and Phil Robb (Ericsson). Read about the full slate of OpenInfra Foundation board directors:

Thierry Carrez is a highly visible and respected technical advocate and engineering leader who has served on the foundation staff since 2014. Previously, he served in a variety of elected community roles since the early days of the OpenStack project. Most recently, he has served as vice president of engineering at the foundation, helping guide the foundation and community through the process of adding new projects and rebranding to reflect the foundation’s widened mission to build the next decade of open infrastructure. Last year, Carrez took on a more broad operational role at the foundation as part of a comprehensive reorganization. Also, Carrez is a board member at the Open Source Initiative.

“Thierry’s contributions to our community embody the Four Opens,” said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenInfra Foundation. “Thierry, with his depth of experience and technical knowledge, is the perfect choice for GM as the community works to build the next decade of open infrastructure. For almost a year, he’s essentially functioned in the GM capacity, as we’ve worked with the board to organize our team for success in carrying out the expanded mission it has tasked us with achieving. Appointing engineers like Julia and Thierry shows that our community is special in that it values the contributions of open source developers in leadership positions across the organization, not just the technical roles.”

Ildiko Vancsa, senior manager, community and ecosystem at the OpenInfra Foundation, has taken on an elevated community management role in support of the OpenInfra projects and will expand her community leadership role across other projects as part of Carrez taking on the GM role.

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